Jory Barnes

Jory found his first book on Buddhism at 12, thus began a lifelong journey diving deep into the currents on Consciousness. From Wu Dang Mountain to the Ganges, from the far reaches of the Himalayas to the deep mysteries of Dinas Emrys, for the past three decades Jory has experienced the beauty and awe-inspiring offerings from a multitude of Spiritual Traditions. He utilizes esoteric wisdom from across the globe in his practice, weaving teachings and ceremonies together to create something altogether unique and magickal. Jory takes us on a journey celebrating the greater mysteries of Spirit and the Divine.Jory has been offering classes in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Western Esoteric Tradition, Magickal Arts and Faerie for over 20 years. He interprets the mysteries of the Runes and practices a Taoist form of energetic Qi healing. He was able to fine tune his skills working at Herbs & Arts in Denver for 16 years. Jory has taught at Herb Conferences, retreats, spiritual and music festivals all over the country. He is now one of the caretakers of Dragonsong Sanctuary on the western slope.

We Believe

Life IS magick, and the ability to see and interact with it as such is a lost art that our world is begging for us to remember and re-embody.

“Call the Circle, Tend the Fire” The path of the mystic and magician.

Join the School of Magick as we “Call the Circle, Tend the Fire” during this week of donation based courses, May 1-7, 2022 at the Temple to the Muse in beautiful Paonia, CO.

Fundamentals of Magick Workshop

This class offers teachings on the fundamentals of Magick, including Magickal Theory, working with the Elements, basic ritual work and techniques for raising and aligning energies.

SOM Week-long Immersion

An esoteric journey through the Magickal consciousness of the Great Tree(of Life) and the Other-worlds.

Stepping onto the Path to Faerie

This class begins one on the path to the Other-worlds and interaction with the beings of Faerie. We will explore the faerie traditions of Northern Europe, with a focus on Celtic traditions. Learn who what the faerie are and how to establish relationships with the Other.

Taoist Meditation and Qi Gong Class

In this class series we will explore Taoist meditation and energy practices to harmonize one’s being with the greater energies of the Tao.

Our teachers

"You know what the issue is
with this world?
Everyone wants a magical solution to
their problem, and everyone
refuses to believe in magic."

-Alice in Wonderland

"You need a larger intelligence that's able to see what the ego can not see.  The ego has a very limited event horizon.  Until you get out of the zombie box of the ego you're not going to be able to see the ‘real’.”


“The eyes through which I see god
are the same eyes through which god sees me.”

-Unkown Koan

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