Patrick Okeefe

Originally from Chicago I started the healing journey in Oklahoma in 1982.  I have since learned multiple healing modalities including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, medicine buddha, reiki, aura balancing and shamanic craniosacral therapy.  Have been practicing meditation and kriya yoga for over forty years.  Reiki master since 1996

We Believe

Life IS magick, and the ability to see and interact with it as such is a lost art that our world is begging for us to remember and re-embody.

Reiki and Subtle Body Healing

In this two day workshop on reiki and subtle body healing you will learn and practice energetic healing using Reiki. We will be working with Christ light and the sixth dimensional subtle anatomy for healing and spiritual growth.

Our teachers

"You know what the issue is
with this world?
Everyone wants a magical solution to
their problem, and everyone
refuses to believe in magic."

-Alice in Wonderland

"You need a larger intelligence that's able to see what the ego can not see.  The ego has a very limited event horizon.  Until you get out of the zombie box of the ego you're not going to be able to see the ‘real’.”


“The eyes through which I see god
are the same eyes through which god sees me.”

-Unkown Koan

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