Meghan Gilroy

Meghan Gilroy is the founder of the Fully Shining Women Leading Our World movement: Wisdom School and podcast. She trained and co-taught with don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of The Four Agreements, who named her a “spiritual leader for the next generation.”

She has worked with thousands of women around the world to tap into the messages from our souls to create lives, work and communities that are deeply fulfilling, emotionally sustainable and guided from inner knowing.

Now based in Paonia with her growing kids in a blended family, Meghan’s journeyed from being a dissatisfied and unfulfilled stay-at-home mom to a successful and stressed high-earning professional into a sweet soul-led blend of navigating being a working mama, shamanic healer and spiritual coach.

Catalyzing a growing sisterhood of women leaders in our communities, workplaces and homes,

Meghan offers private session packages and individual retreats as well as online and group programs.

You can connect with her through website at, her podcast at or her free community at – or say hello to her around town.

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