Levitie Danielle

It's my greatest joy to hold sacred space for you on your transformational journey.

2012 was the first time in my life I wasn't afraid that others would hear me breathe. When I started practicing yoga, I began to show up as an embodied being. Before that I was oscillating between being seen and hiding. It's been a long road to conscious living. Along the way I've had an incredible amount of support that has helped me overcome sexual trauma (#metoo), an emotionally abusive relationship, and 12 years of unconsciously living with PTSD. Not to mention all of the repercussions of just being human.

On my journey so far, I’ve been certified to lead Shamanic Breathwork, organized (and led) numerous retreats and trainings for personal transformation including for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), become an ordained shamanic minister through Venus Rising, completed more than 500 hours of yoga teacher training, served as executive director of a spiritual retreat center, written a full-length memoir manuscript (working on my second!), spent more than 20 years doing strategic planning and organizational facilitation work for nonprofits and public agencies around the world, visited over 48 countries, and dedicated 5 years of my life to being a full-time volunteer. What a wild ride!

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