Karina C. Allison ~ "Cienega"

Karina Cienega Allison, M.Sc. has spent over 20 years studying and educating about Earth systems as a professional volcanologist, educator, and wilderness guide. She found spiritual education and initiation into the mystery schools of both ancient traditions and the Earth herself after being literally struck by lightning on the slopes of Kilauea volcano in 2009. Since then, she has been on a journey to heal both ancestral and physical traumas, including C-PTSD, a broken back, endometriosis and facial palsy.

As the founder of UpLight Ventures, she now mentors others to do the same - unwind the imprints of suffering through love and compassion to embody a life of thriving in purpose. She is a Moondancer in the Ollintlahuimetzli tradition, a Celebrant and Priestess of Isis, a certified facilitator of Obsidian Womb wisdom, and is trained in the tantra-based VITA methodology for somatic coaching.

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