Kaewyn Picard

Kaewyn is a devotee of Quan Yin, Brigit, and Gaea and has dedicated her life to being in service to Spirit and community. For 21 years you could find Kaewyn behind the counter at Herbs & Arts metaphysical bookstore and herbal apothecary in Denver. As an herbalist that follows the Wise Woman Way, a spiritual counselor, teacher, healing guide, and medicine maker Kaewyn has been blessed to learn from elders and wisdom keepers from across the globe. She has facilitated and participated in ceremonies from the jungles of Central America to the Glastonbury Tor in England and at places of power the world over. She has been called to service as High Priestess at herb conferences, women’s gatherings, large and small music festivals, The Witch’s Ball, retreats, and for hundreds of Sabbats and Esbats. She has facilitated women’s groups, taught classes, created sanctuary spaces and altars all the while connecting  to nature spirits from many lands.  It is her deepest belief that when we are in alignment with love we are actively creating a better world for every living Being. It is through creating circles and ceremonies that she opens the way for transformation, inspiration, healing, and love to flow into the world.After 2 decades of holding space at Herbs & Arts she has relocated to the Western Slope to become one of the caretakers at Dragonsong Sanctuary. She looks forward to co-creating with all of the amazing Beings sharing their gifts during The Magical Month of May.

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