Andrea Ahava

Andrea Allen is a spiritual explorer, an intuitive teacher, a space holder, and Creatress.  Connecting with the qualities of the High Priestess card in the Tarot, she seeks and shares spiritual connection, enLIGHTenment, inner illumination, and divine wisdom.  In over 25 years of exploring a variety of spiritual practices, Andrea has personally experienced Kundalini Yoga to be the bridge to all of these elements.

Sharing her unique expression of this ancient lineage, her Kundalini classes are based on the understanding that the modern practices are actually a sacred technology, stemming from Ancient Egypt.  Spiritual seekers transplanted these secret movements and rituals harnessing the Divine Creative Energy that dwells within from Egypt to India, where they became known as “Yoga”, and were taught only to the royalty.  Modernized in the 1960’s, Kundalini Yoga was made accessible to Westerners, specifically as a tool to support the transition into the Aquarian Age.  

A being of light and a believer in the power of experience, Andrea is the creator of Neo-Newism Kundalini Yoga.  She offers this practice so that others may access a higher frequency and connect with their own Highest Self; to carry a state of strength, grace and radiance into their surroundings.

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